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Disappearing Tumors and Becoming Super Natural with Beth Greer, The Super Natural Mom

Zac Jul 24

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From tumor to best selling author, Beth Greer, “Super Natural Mom” was born.

No, there’s nothing mystical or otherworldly about her. Her case studies are real, and although not heavily researched in the traditional sense, one can’t deny that her learnings are compelling.

After developing a “stress-induced” Schwannoma Tumor in her chest, Beth’s life took a left turn when her tumor disappeared not as a result of drugs, but rather as a result of an all natural diet.

The tumor disappearance set off a chain of events including research and case studies that developed a strong correlation of nonorganic food, makeup, mattresses, cleaning products and strong electromagnetic fields to childhood disorders and diseases.

Although debatable causation in the Scientific sense, one can’t deny Beth’s first-hand experiences helping mothers in their homes.

For example, Beth describes a case where infertility was cured by removing a nail appointment regiment from a mom’s weekly routine.

Or when a young child suffered from chronic headaches for TWO YEARS, had his first headache-free night after an air purifier was moved farther away from his bed.

These case studies are countless and therefore too correlative to ignore.

Have you noticed that more children are showing up to your practice with chronic, but preventable disorders and diseases than say 10 years ago?

While Beth’s research and learnings may seem “avante-garde”, what else can you attribute to the unprecedented rise in childhood disease and disorders?

At least for me, I am taking a hard look at my life and making small changes that will compound over time like replacing my toxic body wash with something all natural.

Beth has certainly changed me, and I think for the better.

And I am confident she’ll do the same for you and the families you serve.


“It cuts across all of medicine, I believe. We really need to take a look at the products that we’re being sold and giving to patients.”

“Right now it’s all about disease management. It’s not about prevention, and that’s what I want to talk about…”

Show Notes


3:50 – Cautionary advice for pediatricians

6:35 – Taking a critical look at what makes up our everyday products

9:58 – Top five things to focus on for healthy living

12:27 – Beth’s simple healthy home course

15:35 – A case study on infertility with a surprising solution


Beth Greer’s Book, “Super Natural Home”

-Beth dives in to healthy living at home

For more information, visit Beth at SuperNaturalMom.com

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