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“POOF!” Problem Solving with Karmi Soder of Knit Health

Zac Apr 24

Imagine you could take your biggest frustration and “POOF!” make it disappear.

On today’s episode of PedChat I am joined by Karmi Soder, an energetic and passionate nurse practitioner and entrepreneur who is changing children’s well being by bringing pediatric sleep assessments into the home. Her company, Knit Health analyzes a child’s sleep pattern, detects problems and provides a comprehensive sleep report to parents and practitioners. And it does all of this through a baby monitor looking thing (way more than a baby monitor).

Currently, an ambassador for Knit, Karmi has over 25 years in pediatric healthcare operations where she has seen practices saved and lives changed by encouraging a culture driven by candor and communication. Listen as she shares her experiences and inspires change for more efficient and close-knit practice environments. (see what I did there.)

Sit back, relax, and become inspired.


“It’s easy to forget how much families value and trust and respect their pediatrician. It’s such an important role…It’s a wonderful relationship.”

“If you had a magic wand and you could change one thing…what would it be?”


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Show Notes


3:57 – 3 great ideas to transform your practice

7:24 – Saying “POOF!” to the low hanging fruit, and being proactive about change.

13:36 – The magic wand mindset

17:34 – Take your productivity to the next level with these hacks

23:50 – How innovative and practical technology is revolutionizing healthcare


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