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The Health IT Reality and Big Pharma’s Big Problems with Dr. Marion Mass

Zac Apr 10

Are you sick of America’s healthcare system? Have you ever thought about making a difference in your healthcare community, but are struggling to get your voice heard?

On this episode of PedChat we are joined by pediatrician and outspoken advocate for American healthcare reform, Dr. Marion Mass. An active member of numerous physician activist groups, Dr. Mass shares the cold hard facts about America’s healthcare system today by covering topics such as physician burnout, the health IT reality, and big pharma’s big problems.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “ How can I get more involved for the sake of my patients and my peers?” You won’t want to miss this episode of PedChat.

Sit back, relax, and become inspired.


“These expenses are mounting up and you know, writing on the wall…who’s going to take this job? And I want people to take this job, because it’s the best job in the world!”

“So what’s in the future? How about I just start by saying I want to leave medicine better than I’m finding it now.”


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Show Notes


3:00 The root causes of burnout in physicians today

9:29 Empowering yourself and making a difference in your community

13:12 The disappointing reality surrounding health IT

18:37 Big Pharma’s big problems

24:01 Significant roadblocks for useful technology

31:25 Powerful and encouraging advice for all pediatricians


“Catastrophic Care” by David Goldhill

-Addressing 200,000 preventable deaths and $2.5 trillion waste in American healthcare annually

“America’s Bitter Pill” by Steven Brill

-An exciting take on healthcare reform

“Forget Obama, Trump Ignored; Volume 1” by Brian J Dixon

-A blueprint for transparent and accountable healthcare

“Mistreated” by Robert Pearl

-Shifting the focus to shed light on misconceptions in healthcare

“The Conservative Heart” by Arthur Brooks

-Speaking about your views responsibly and intentionally

“Holy Women” by Pope Benedict XVI

-How women have been making an impact for throughout history

For more information on Dr. Mass’ advocacy group Practicing Physicians of America, visit PracticingPhysician.org

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