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The Tedium of Daily Practice with Rodney Hamilton of Greenlight.md

Zac Sep 11

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In Rodney Hamilton’s own words, “I love the field of pediatrics, but I don’t really like the practice of pediatrics.”

What does he mean?

He doesn’t like the repetition, so seeing the same types of patients over and over again just wasn’t for him.

More than that, Rodney discovered many friction points that made daily life as a pediatrician tedious. So after completing medical school, he set out to fix them.

Take for example his current endeavor, Greenlight.md. It’s a service that takes behavioral screening forms that are readily available on paper, and makes them dead simple to administer on a tablet.

Simple, yet it’s a huge time saver.

Rodney believes, and I wholeheartedly agree, that these little things add up.

Remove the friction, and suddenly giving each and every child the best care possible becomes achievable.

That’s a future we can all believe in.


“I love the field of pediatrics, but I don’t really like the practice of pediatrics.”

“I think overall, you need to think about team-based care with somebody as a primary coordinator.”

Show Notes


4:29 – How do we begin fixing the way healthcare is financed?

9:38 – Daily practice isn’t for everyone, not even every pediatrician

13:17 – Rodney’s success in helping beyond practice

16:14 – How to branch out and expand your work portfolio


“Designing Care” by Richard Bohmer

-Rodney’s recommendation for a well thought out approach to healthcare reform

Clayton Christensen’s portfolio

-Rodney also recommends Clayton Christensen’s books as a thought-provoking starting point


For more information, visit Greenlight.md.

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