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Pediatric Telemedicine with Dr. Mick Connors of Anytime Pediatrics

Zac May 29

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In between two long ED shifts in Nashville, pediatric ER doc, Mick Connors built the energy (somehow) to talk with me for an hour.

Not to mention, on this particular day he was launching his company, Anytime Pediatrics.

Mick is relentless.

With so many telemedicine companies out there, why is no one using it?

Mick is out to change this… at least in pediatrics.

Why? After leaving the ER for many years to innovate in the pediatric sedation space, he came back and noticed that families were using the ER much differently than they used to.

And now Mick is going to change the game in telemedicine just like he did in sedation.

So sit back, relax, and become inspired by Dr. Mick Connors.


“Pediatricians need to see the value in seeing a pediatrician…It adds a lot more than is really tangible or I can give you an outcome measure for.”

“The main advantage we have as pediatricians is that relationship… If we lose relationships, then it’s a drive through at McDonald’s.”

Show Notes


3:58 – The struggles and benefits of working as a pediatric emergency doctor

7:43 – Filling a void by building a pediatric sedation company

11:51 – How lack of access affects both patients and doctors

16:20 – Creating a solution rather than a subpar workaround

25:44 – Relationships are crucial to ongoing pediatric success


“Your Child’s Health” by Barton D. Schmitt

-A comprehensive reference for all topics of children’s health

For more information, visit Anytime Pediatrics.

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