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Putting Care over Profits with Jeff Thompson, CEO Emeritus of Gunderson Health

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Early on in his career, Jeff Thompson made a decision that he was going to fight for the care and wellbeing of others over the profits that a healthcare organization produces.

And what a career it’s been – practicing pediatrician for 35 years, former CEO and current CEO emeritus at Gunderson Health System, recipient of the White House Champions of Change award in 2013, and author of “Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community”.

Well, at PedChat, we’re all about living your values, building your people, and inspiring your community, so we simply had to have him on.

So what does he have to say about pediatricians?

“Pediatricians are great stock for leadership roles – they have a breadth of understanding of patients and families, they understand how to work in broad teams, and there’s a lot of women and we certainly need more women in the ranks of leadership.”

And as a pediatrician, he was able to leverage those skills in his leadership of Gunderson Health.

He did this in many ways, including having all new employees agree to a compact – a system of values that Gunderson Health wants all their employees to hold dear.

He also speaks about having a “disciplined disregard for conventional wisdom.”

Check out his episode and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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