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Forget Obama, Trump Ignored (HEALTH CARE!) with Dr. Brian J. Dixon

Zac Jun 19

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What does Costco have to do with healthcare? Well, according to Pediatric Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Dixon, quite a lot.

Is the thought of bringing more consumer choice into healthcare that farfetched? To me, as technology advances, this thought becomes more of a reality every day. Hey, I’m the millennial here, and I make buying decisions from my phone! (and I have the Amazon box pile to prove it)

Okay, so we know that everyone hates the way that healthcare is financed and we are all looking for answers, but according to Brian the REAL problem is that we are looking for answers in the wrong place because we keep asking the wrong question.

The question isn’t how do we get healthcare coverage for everybody (because coverage doesn’t equal care), the question is how do we put money into people’s pockets so they can buy healthcare from whomever they want.

On today’s PedChat episode we dive into Brian’s book, “Forget Obama Trump Ignored, Volume 1: HEALTH CARE!” (a proposal for a Costco membership style healthcare system), why surgeons time is “valued” more, and how he is running a profitable psychiatry practice driven by consumer choice.

Sit back, relax, and get inspired by Dr. Brian Dixon.


“When we live in the richest country in the world, we can do better! So let’s build a (healthcare) system that’s transparent and people have money in their pocket.”

“There are ways to have a very healthy medical practice and lifestyle without burning yourself into the ground.”

Show Notes


2:08 – Costco-style healthcare? 

5:45 – Physicians – Don’t undervalue yourself!

9:09 – Brian’s initiative to foster exceptional ideas

13:10 – The benefits of financial and social diversity


“Traction” by Gino Wickman

-creating an “operating system” for your life 

“Forget Obama Trump Ignored, Volume 1: HEALTHCARE!” by Brian Dixon

-Brian’s take on healthcare reform

The Passion Planner

-A thorough and clever planner that Brian utilizes.


For more information, visit Dr. Brian Dixon’s website

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