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The First Virtual Primary Care Clinic with Dr. Amy Fan of Kinder

Zac Jul 10

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What happens when the healthcare system demands that primary care doctors see 1,000 patients poorly rather than 200 patients really well?

A broken patient-doctor relationship.

We need to give agency back to the two populations that matter: patients and physicians.

But how?

Telemedicine is a hot topic right now, and rightfully so. Policies and technology are aligning so that individuals can receive care anywhere.

It’s a worthwhile proposition that may save lives and lower the cost of healthcare.

But telemedicine may be hurting the patient-doctor relationship (or eliminating it).

This may be okay for adults. But for pediatrics? Not so much.

Pediatricians need mutual ownership/agency of the patient from the very beginning.

Because it’s this relationship that leads to the best outcomes.

Meet Kinder – A company that is marrying telemedicine and primary care.

As a millennial and a soon-to-be father, I LOVE this concept and will most likely be a customer and fan (no pun intended).

The Kinder service includes remote well-child visits, after hour emergency services, and a community that answers questions through forums and video content.

Sit back, relax, and become inspired by pediatrician Dr. Amy Fan, the founder of Kinder – The first virtual primary care clinic.


“The ownership of the patient is not possible without changing the way we communicate.”

“Should the system demand the primary care doctor to see a thousand patients badly, instead of seeing two hundred patients really well?”

Show Notes


1:04 – Failures and successes that shaped Amy’s path

3:57 – Amy enlightens with pediatric knowledge on YouTube

6:30 – Creating a virtual primary care clinic

10:26 – Restoring the crucial patient/doctor relationship


“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

-A magical tale of self discovery in exploration

“The Healing of America” by T. R. Reid

-Comparing America’s healthcare with other developed nations


For more information, visit Amy Fan’s Website, Kinder’s Website, or email her at amyfan@gmail.com

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