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This Is The Best Time In History To Be A Pediatrician With Chip Hart of PCC

Zac Apr 17

Are you struggling to optimize your practice? Are you operating under the shadow of a major hospital system and having trouble competing?

Chip Hart, Director of Pediatric Solutions at PCC (Physician’s Computer Company), has devoted his entire adult life to one grand mission:

To make pediatrician’s lives better.

His 28 years of experience helping pediatricians thrive gives him insight and perception unlike anyone else.

Join us as we discuss how to stay vibrant and profitable in today’s healthcare ecosystem, see why Chip believes, “this is the best time in history to be a pediatrician,” and learn the 3 keys to thriving as an independent pediatrician. (Seriously, these are game changers)

Sit back, relax, and become inspired.


“The best practices I know in this country are thriving right under the shadow of these major hospitals because they run themselves so well that they don’t have to say yes.”

“How do you wake up in the morning and think and become a person who’s even this much different from who you were yesterday?”


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Show Notes


1:57 Chip has only ever worked for pediatricians. How did that happen?

5:39 PCC is devoted to the success and wellbeing of independent pediatricians.

14:54 Private practice owner? Community is vital for your success.

20:12 If you’re not committed to preventive care, you’re doing it wrong.

24:02 The face of pediatrics is shifting to rural, highly urban practices run by women of color.

28:18 Succeed with your patients by focussing on change management.

35:28 Integration is the wave of the future in healthcare.


“The Cunning Man” by Robertson Davies
a fictional doctor’s memoir of his life in response to the death of an old Anglican priest

To get in touch with Chip, visit his blog at ChipsBlog.com, or email him at chip@pcc.com
For more information on Pediatric Supergroup 2018, visit PediatricSupergroup.com

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